Characteristic Examples of Use of Cylinders of The Pharaoh

1. С. - man, 40 years. Former volleyball player. After break of Achilles tendon the sport should be left. But the ill leg disturbed constantly, especially - at night, preventing from sleeping. Now С. actively works with Cylinders of the Pharaoh. Painful sensations in a leg have passed.

2. Т.I. - woman , older than 58 years. An engineer in service of planes. As a result of a trauma of a backbone hands grew numb and they were frequently seized by a convulsion. The objects taken in a hands fell, that strongly prevented work. The situation was complicated with hypertension (up to 280 units - top parameter). She tried all traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment during more, than 20 years. When she used the Cylinders of the Pharaoh for the first time they "have stuck to hands. It was impossible to unbend fingers". There was pricking and as though the weak discharges in hands. After a week of using the Cylinders of the Pharaoh spasms and numbing of hands stopped. The sleep improved sharply. During 3 years of use of the Cylinders of the Pharaoh Т.I. did not have any relapse of illness. The pressure normalised.

3. G.L. - 63 years. After a wound in head he suffered with strong headache for 40 years. The unbearable pain was only a little bit decreased after putting the head in hot water or after covering the head with hot heaters. Use of Cylinders has removed pains practically at once, and they did not renew again.

4. N.E. - 41 years. Many years she suffered from allergy and asthma. She regularly took medicines and used inhaler. Having known about results of researches of Cylinders of the Pharaoh, started to use them regularly. In three months after a beginning of work with Cylinders attacks of allergy and asthma began to weaken and soon disappeared absolutely. Since then during already 4 years relapses of illness were not observed.

5. A.K. - sportsman, 19 years. After heavy training could not relax and fall asleep for a long time, that had sensitively an effect for the subsequent training and general state of health. At the moment regularly uses cylinders, which help him quickly to remove weariness and pressure. Normal sleep is restored.

6. S.N. - 68 years. For the first time the Cylinders taken in a hands lowered pressure from 160/110 to 130/90. It has impressed S.N., and she began to use them regularly. During two months neck osteochondrose decreased much, and legs began to pain less. S.N felt general improvement of state of health and stopped taking a much medicines.

7. From the letters to the researcher of Cylinders of the Pharaoh V.P. Kovtun "As a result of use of Cylinders of the Pharaoh during seven months 4-5 times in a week for 15-20 minutes I came to a conclusion, that they influence a general condition of organism rather salutary. I notice a decreasing of arterial pressure. The removal of stresses using the Cylinders occurs very quickly and steadily. Sleep and activity of removal system were appreciably improved. Forces are quickly restored after physical weariness. Headaches quickly pass. Moreover, about 2 months ago I noticed that gums became stronger - they stopped to bleed completely." S.L. - 55 years.

8. "The Cylinders appeared in my family 2 years ago. I was the first who felt the positive effect of Cylinders, and the effect was fast and active. During three weeks I suffered from acute attack of osteochondrose of small of the back. It was difficult to move, to stand on legs in the morning. I began to use cylinders of the Pharaoh. I have, in fact, forgotten about osteochondrose. The irritability disappeared. My mum - she is 72 - has hypertension. After use of Cylinders the pressure reduces by 20-30 units.

My father's hand for about a year moved very bad (after cerebral thrombosis), he could not raise it. After using of the Cylinders the moving functions of the hand were almost completely restored". L.S. - 45 years.

9. Roman, 9 years. Learns to play a violin. By cylinders he removes weariness and pain in hands. Words of a boy: "to take Cylinders is better, than medicine". His capabilities increased notably.

10. Е.L., 83 years. "Two years ago I heard about Cylinders of the Pharaoh. That time I suffered from frequent attack of asthma and very painful spasms of hands and legs, hypertension disease of degree II. Having heard the lecture of V.P. Kovtun, I have got cylinders of the Pharaoh. Improvement of a state I felt after about ten days, then it was improving every day. I use Cylinders for two years already. During this time I have completely forgotten about spasms and completely got rid from asthma attacks".

11. N.P., 46 years. Complex comminuted fracture of a shank due to transport incident. After 14 months my bones didn't knit in spite of operation an subsequent application of Ilizarov's apparatus. Therapeutist T.A. Meshkova advised him to use the Cylinders of the Pharaoh according to her method. In the first session the foot of a traumatized leg was covered with big droplets of sweat, though the leg was constantly freezing and never got sweat before. For several hours after the session the leg was being "twitched" and "pinched" as if it was connected to the power supply. After a three-week daily application of the Cylinders the X-ray test showed that the bones were completely knitted.

Doctor's comments: as the result of fractures the energetic canals became impassable. The Cylinders restored the correct circulating of the energy. The energetic blocks preventing from knitting the bones were eliminated. Processes of knitting the bones normalised.

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