What Can Be Achieved With the Help of Cylinders of the Pharaoh

With regular exercises in self regulation and self-development with application of Cylinders of the Pharaoh the flow of energy and blood is improved in the whole body, the thinking becomes clearer, mentality more counterbalanced. Besides, more dense energetic biofield is created, interfering penetration of negative energetic information, protective functions of organism are increased, the body becomes stronger, illnesses recover.

The energy of organism, receiving additional energy of space, begins to circulate stronger in canals. In places, where as a result of illness was formed obstruction of canals, there is the resistance to circulation, and the energy can strike the painful centre, causing sensations of different kind and spontaneous movements. These movements promote cleaning of these canals and elimination of disease.

If don't stop the exercises, then besides preventive effect, latent functions will open, sight, hearing, smelling, general sensitivity will be improved, intuition will amplify.

It is necessary to mention, that similar results cannot be achieved without serious work at moral self-perfection.

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