Medical Recommendations and Indications to Use

A number of preliminary experiments, made by the professor of University of Colombo K.G.Korotkov using a Kirlian-diagnostics method, showed the presence of informational clearing of illness attributes among people who hold the Cylinders. In other words, in some cases the Cylinders of the Pharaoh significantly increase accuracy of diagnostics.

During realisation of a number of preliminary experiments by doctor of medical sciences М.А. Blank in Oncological Centre in Pesochnoe it was established, that the influence of Cylinders creates the conditions that help organism to cope the illnesses and problems much easier. М. Blank considers that the Cylinders can be recommended as a preventive means at transcontinental syndrome to people, whose activity is related with frequent flights from one time zone in other (pilots, sportsmen, tourists, track-drivers...), at which asynchronisation of external and internal modes of organism function causes sluggishness and head ache.

The study of efficiency of Cylinders' use was carried out in April 1993 and December 1995 with the help of the modern equipment and according to original technique by group of the scientists - doctors, experts of the I.I. Djanelidze institute of the first aid under the direction of doctor of medical sciences М.А. Niculin. According to the received results the Cylinders of the Pharaoh can be recommended to people:

- with cardio-vascular diseases;
- hypertension;
- neitrotrophic infringements;
- illnesses of removing organs;
- insomnia,
and also as a means for removal stresses and prophylactics of athersclerosis.

The Cylinders of the Pharaoh can be used in prophylactic and rehabilitation purposes together with other curative measures.

The practice of using the Cylinders showed that its spectrum of help is much wider. For example, the experiments carried out on a "Biologos"-device (electropunctual express-diagnostics) by researcher E.A. Kovalev confirm the positive influence of the Cylinders to the following systems of a human's organism: central neural system (the index doubled), vegetative neural system (the index increased 2-2.5 times), endocrine system (the index increased 2-2.5 times), cells' immunity (the index increased 2-2.5 times), cardiac-vascular system (the index doubled), urin-sexual system (the index doubled). The specific feature of the Cylinders' influence is the fact, that they change both high and low indexes of systems to the same medium standard. In other words, the redistribution of energetic information took place, the harmonisation process was going on.


  1. It is not recommended to change the Cylinders in hands: to take simultaneously the Solar Cylinder in the left, and Lunar - in the right hand.
  2. Don't use the Cylinders under alcohol or narcotic intoxication.
  3. Schizophrenia.
  4. Epilepsy.
  5. It is not recommended to use the Cylinders during pregnancy.

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