Processes, Registered by Devices, Proceeding In Organism Under Influence of Cylinders of the Pharaoh

"... On the first minute a pulse wave from left to right is noticed in people holding the Cylinders. From the second minute a sensation of filling vessels with blood, named by the researchers "vessel stage", is registered. During third minute infrared radiation increases in right hand, and on the fifth minute the thermal fields on limbs become equal.

Alongside with these changes in the organism of the tested general increase of activity accompanied with increasing of pulse on 8-10 impacts in minute, is marked. By second minute a warming of neck-chest part of backbone is also registered with increasing of infrared radiation.

Thus all the vegetative nervous system is involved in the process, and energetic activation of tissues of top limbs and the whole body takes place. As the consequence is facilitating of a headache and blood pressure tends to be normal."
(From the protocol of tests)

You can familiarize with the research protocol and the comment of the scientists of Saint-Petersburg Scientific Research Institution of first aid I.I.Djanelidse of the clinical assays of the Cylinders of the Pharaoh.

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