We would like to introduce extraordinary device, based on ancient Egypt knowledge and technology - the Cylinders of the Pharaoh.

Russian physicist V.P. Kovtun was always impressed by Ancient Egypt. Long time ago, while visiting museum in Pavlovsk (near Saint-Petersburg) he drew his attention at sculptures of Egyptian statues, who strongly held in both hands strange objects. These things had cylindrical shape. He made all sorts of inquires what is the purpose of these objects. Neither Egyptologists nor historians did not know what are they for. Some times later his close friend Ruslan Dobrovolskyi in very strange circumstances found an old (written about 80 years ago) manuscript with mysterious title: "The Secrets of Life and Death: India, Egypt, Caucasus." Surprisingly, V.P. Kovtun found in this copybook one chapter about these strange objects held in hands of Pharaohs sculptures (that puzzled him so much long time ago).

There was very essential information what are they for and description of exact technology how to manufacture the Cylinders. The purpose of their usage was: straightening potential of body's energy and harmonically distributing it among all organs.

V.P. Kovtun did manage to reconstruct the Cylinders according to the recipes from the manuscript. Afterwords he carried on broad researches testing them on most modern medical and physics scientific equipment. He obtained excellent results: the Cylinders charge men with Cosmos Energy right away, and help him to overcome different sorts of illnesses. They are useful also for healthy people who need to recharge their energy lost during workday. Those, who are using the Cylinders every day can obtain excellent results, as the Cylinders

  1. reduce stress and tiredness
  2. reduce symptoms caused by changing "time-zone" - it applies to those who travel by air from one continent to another.
  3. gradually straighten concentration and memory.
  4. develop IQ level.
  5. immensely improve intuition and spiritual development (applies to those who are involved in parapsychology).
Recent research done by E. Kovalev, who tested Cylinders on the apparatus BIOLOGOS (electropuncture express diagnosis) revealed following effects on the men:

  1. central neural system (the index doubled)
  2. vegetative neural system (the index increased 2-2.5 times)
  3. endocrine system (the index increased 2-2.5 times)
  4. cells' immunity (the index increased 2-2.5 times)
  5. cardiac-vascular system (the index doubled)
  6. urin-sexual system (the index doubled).
We would like to emphasise that the Cylinders are not nowadays device. They were created by genial minds and hands of ancient Priests of Egypt as psychotherapeutic and spiritual instrument. The knowledge how to make them was kept in closed circle of initiated to Secret Science. We live in difficult and important time of New Age, entering in XXI century. Hence most people are working very hard on their spiritual and general development. Now they are opened and spiritually ready to receive "secret science". And the Cylinders came to us in this very moment to help choosing different paths and ways leading to XXI century.

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